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new kindle short read – wry society

June 4, 2017


For those waiting for my next full-length book.... a little surprise. Wry Society is a collection of humorous sketches that I originally wrote for the Financial Times How To Spend It magazine.

I know from emails that I've received that quite a few of my readers also read the FT Weekend, but for those not familiar with How to Spend It, it is the luxury colour supplement published with the FT on the first Saturday of every month.

As a freelance, I wrote first for FT Weekend, and then the spin-off, How to Spend It, from the very first issue and for well over a decade. It was, along with You magazine, my favourite client.

I was lucky to have an editor who trusted the judgment of her journalists and who allowed me to segue between writing about handbags, shoes and perfume one month, to writing 2000 words on the subtleties of grey paint or Parisian pasty chefs the next.

My absolute favourite deployment, however, was writing Wry Society – a tongue-in-cheek column that satirised the worlds of the super-rich, the fashionable and the privileged, poking fun at everything from the Cartier Polo to the Frow (fashion front row).

While moving house recently, I found a stash of my old cuttings and it struck me that they would make a fun Kindle Short Read. This e-book contains over 25 of my best Wry Society columns but please be warned that they feature many explicit references to fashion labels - a reflection of the readership for whom they were originally written.

I had great fun writing Wry Society – the column, incidentally, continues to appear In How To Spend It each month, written, as it always has been, by an alternating roster of writers – so I hope you enjoy these satirical short stories, as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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1. Posted by Julie on June 5, 2017 11:41 PM

Thanks Karen will read Wry society with interest. I have loved all your books and often return to them . So good to hear you and Biff are settled in Devon.


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