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May 31, 2012

DSC01921.jpg WOOF! What an exciting day it has been at Willer towers. This evening I discovered a new blog called Paris Breakfast, in which I have just been featured.

The writer has imagined a fantasy Paris life for me, and also my human pet, who fell about laughing when she read the post and saw the picture of a dog (supposed to be me) sitting in a Louis-something armchair. I don’t see why she found it so funny as I can quite imagine myself in the various scenarios.

As everyone knows, I’m quite a sociable little chap and I like nothing better than a barbecue, so it is going to be quite a tough decision as to which of the following I attend this weekend (hopefully both).

On Saturday 3 June, there is a Jubilee Garden BBQ at the Auberge de Blanzay, 15.00 h onwards - and guests can choose from: Sandringham Sausages, Buckingham Burgers and Coronation Chicken. Yum! I am counting down the hours.

On Saturday evening, starting at 7.30pm there is a Jubilee celebration at at The Mad Hatter’s Kitchen, with a buffet and live band. Guests are to dress up as a member of the royal family, past or present. My pet keeps making terrible jokes about dying me ginger so that I can go as one of the queen's corgis.

Even worse, one of her friends suggested that I could go as Prince Charles because of my big ears. Honestly, it's a good job that I'm not easily offended.

Anyway, I won’t have been dyed a different colour (I hope) but I will be wearing my special Union Jack collar,a gift from a lovely anglaise called Sarah who gave it to my pet at her book signing in London. Thank you Sarah. It fits perfectly and I love it as much as my tricolore neckerchief, which I wear for special French occasions.

And finally, on Monday night, there is fish and chip night (what could be more British than that?) at the bar in Champniers, where the Jubilee concert will be showing on a wide screen TV. Exciting!

Happy diamond Jubilee everyone,

Love, Biff. xxx !!! PS: If you seem me out and about, I really like burgers, with or without the bun, and also sausages, though I'm normally not allowed either. That's not a hint or anything. I'm just saying.

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1. Posted by parisbreakfast on June 1, 2012 8:52 AM

Laughing way too hard comme d'habitude when it comes to anything Tout Sweet.
Merci Karen for such a delightful book and now I'm sampling the newest and I haven't finished reading the older one...typical.
You're addictive as is Biff
What would Biff like from the US?
Wracking brains here..
Bonne diamond Jubilee

2. Posted by Val on June 4, 2012 7:42 PM

Ah Biff, I think I've just seen you on my friend's photos from the party at the Mad Hatters. You're as cute as I imagined!

3. Posted by katieK on June 4, 2012 9:16 PM

Books for Tout Generations....

Great news just heard that my mom and my Aunt of 80+ have each ordered themselves a set all 3 of la Willer books from Amazon!!

4. Posted by Elsa on June 5, 2012 12:39 AM

I've just finished Tout Sweet. I sped through it and loved every minute of it. It was delightfully bittersweet. I feel in my heart the crazy desire to pick up and move to France but living vicariously through others who have actually done it will have to do for now. Did you ever find out what kept "Jon Wakeman" from coming back to France and his B&B?
I'm so looking forward to Toute Allure.

5. Posted by Jon on June 9, 2012 5:15 AM

I did come back of course.
But she wasn't having any
moved on
sorry Biff :(

6. Posted by Jo Stockwell on July 29, 2012 11:23 PM

My husband and I are from Australia and purchased a house in the Charente recently. Looked around for articles books anything about the area to get some insight into life there and wow, found your boooks. In the middle of Tout Soul at present. Thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Thank you and Biff for making making me laugh, cry and your special insight of France.

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