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August 18, 2011

DSC01674.jpgWOOF ! Me again. The pet is very busy at the moment, so I thought I’d write and tell you what we’ve been up to, which isn’t very much. But late yesterday afternoon, I heard her tell a friend that we were going to a B-A-R-B-E-C-U-E.

This is my favourite kind of social event since my pet can roam freely under my watchful eye. And as any discerning dog knows, the treats to be had at a barbecue are top-notch.

This event was hosted by a big but friendly dog called Panda, on account of his black eyes. He is responsible for a whole family of pets - all charming, polite and very well trained. Mark the oldest pet is the drummer in a band called the Soulmonkeys; while his fiancee Nicola owns Les Trois Anges - the vintage fabric and furniture boutique, at la Grande Galerie in Civray. Between them they have six lovely teenagers who can sing, play the piano and several kinds of guitar.

At one point they did a brilliant version of ‘Valerie.’ It was mesmerising.

That Panda is a lucky dog. He has a cave in his garden in which his human pets can play. Last night it was decorated with fairy lights and lit with candles and packed with pet treats such as beers and bottles of wine. For most of the evening all the pets and their friends took it in turns to sing or play guitar. My pet and I sat very quietly and didn’t bark or move for over an hour.

Fortunately she didn’t dance, which was a relief. Several times I’ve had to grab hold of her leg to try and drag her off the dance floor, which can be very embarrassing.

Another highlight was that I got to see Walter and Eileen, the very friendly pets of my good friend Glen, the spotted terrier who lives at the Grand Galerie. I was surprised to see that Glen had let them out on their own.

I looked after them on his behalf and I’m happy to report that they both behaved really well and didn’t try to wander off or steal any sausages from peoples’ plates. But I was a bit disappointed that Wally didn’t have any biscuits with him.

All in all, a good night.

Paw note: The Soulmonkeys will be playing at The Mad Hatter’s Kitchen in Caunay this Saturday evening, August 20th. Glyn and Charlotte are hosting a mini festival starting at 3pm, along with live music, vintage motor bike display, BBQ, bar and refreshments. The evening event starts at 6.30 ish and is by ticket only, including (yay!) a barbecue and buffet, wine, and three local bands including the Soulmonkeys!!!

(Note: the pet has just told me to stop using so many exclamation marks. Honestly, who does she think is writing this?!!!)

The Mad Hatter's Kitchen, Le Logis, Le Breuillac, 79190 Caunay. Tel 05 49 27 67 29

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1. Posted by Val on August 28, 2011 9:22 PM

Aww Biff, lovely to hear from you again. So pleased the pet is busy and keeping out of mischief! Please tell her we're looking forward to the next book, xx

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