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le petit chien noir

December 26, 2009

Biff%20in%20snow.jpgIn my village I'm known as 'la femme avec le petit chien noir.' (Yes, as per the Chekhov short story.) But now I'm not the only one. Patricia, who owns the tabac with her husband has acquired a little black schnauzer (or schnau-zehhhr as it is pronounced in French) called Emile.

Emile is extremely cute. When he is not prancing around the village with Patricia, he can be found curled up in front of a gas heater in the newsagents. Sometimes, I find an excuse to go in there just to look at him. Unfortunately, Biff is not at all pleased about this development. When Patricia tried to introduce Emile to him the other day, he growled aggressively at the newcomer. He's not happy that he has a rival in the villagers' affections.

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1. Posted by Olga Swan on January 3, 2010 3:40 PM

Bonjour! I also am a writer living in a French village with un petit chien noir (or, to be exact, une petite chienne noir). You can see a pic of Tina and our other dog Bruno on my blogsite: www.olgaswan.blogspot.com. There's also lots of info about self-publishing, French news and the thoughts of a self-deprecating, depressive Brummie - until I came to our village in S.W. France that is. Cordialement, Olga.

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