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September 6, 2009

Sunday afternoon and I am preparing to proceed with velvet paws down the N10 for a week on the coast near Perpignan (Sunday being the best day of the week for driving long distance as lorries -hurrah - are banned on the roads).

Needless to say, everything is very last minute as usual: nothing packed; house a mess; and a newspaper article to finish before we leave. The plan was to be on the road at 9.00am this morning; at this rate it will be more like 9pm. Plus ca change!

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1. Posted by intothepossibility on September 10, 2009 9:04 AM

Hi Karen,
Hope you have a great week at the coast - think you've picked a particularly hot one. We were at beach in La Rochelle yesterday and it was over 33 (and deserted!) Caught up with your ST article recently, couriered to me by somewhat anxious parents. We moved to Deux Sevres 4 months ago to a whopping big house (rented thankfully) that we're helping to renovate. It's great fun and we're enjoying the lifestyle it offers, but like you I have an inadmissible hankering for bits of my former London life....took me 3+ months to get broadband connection and it honestly felt like my right arm had been cut off. And yes I actually did shed real live tears provocked by the actions of FRance Telecom and SFR! Look forward to hearing more of what comes your way and will be ordering the book - great to hear the experiences of someone of similar age & background for a change. Best of luck.

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