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tout sweet: launch party

August 1, 2009

mairie%20pic%20-%20medium%20size.jpgI'm looking forward to a quiet August, as July - always the best month to be in the French countryside - has been surprisingly fast-paced. A month of social activities - fetes, barbecues, outdoor concerts and bals populaires (aka outdoor discos) - culminated in my signing at Christies bookshop on Thursday and launch party at La Grande Galerie in Civray last night.

I was worried that no-one would show up and I would be left twiddling my thumbs, with a pile of books - every author's nightmare. In fact, the local bookshop was packed all morning, both with friends who dropped in to show support and many people who had seen the article 'Love, Lipstick and Line Dancing' in the July edition of The French Paper.

For last night's launch party many people arrived half an hour early and were waiting in the courtyard for the event to begin. It all passed in a frenzy of book signing, with a queue - yes, really, there was a queue - of people waiting for a signed copy of Tout Sweet. (Now I know how Tom Ford feels when he signs bottles of perfume in Selfridges.) Really, I could get used to this kind of attention - and Biff, I know, already has.

The event would not have been so much fun and so successful however, without a little help from a few key people: Frances who helped to make the canapés; Kevin who manned the bar brilliantly (ex RAF, therefore very good on organisation) with help from David; Jacqui who lent a helping hand on several fronts, including serving the canapés with impeccable timing; and Martine, who also provided the fabulous bunch of flowers from her mother's garden for my signing table.

I am also hugely grateful to Eileen the owner of La Grande Galerie - I couldn't have wished for a better setting for a summer eve launch party - and Dawn who runs the little cafe at the gallery with such cheerful efficiency. Un enorme merci to all who came along and to those who very kindly helped with the washing up. As for those who didn't make it - Anita in Guernsey, Travis in London, Isabelle in St Palais Sur Mer, and Janet and Sue who thought the event was this evening – you were greatly missed!

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1. Posted by Eagle_Wings on August 1, 2009 9:18 PM

Sounds like a great evening & many congratulations! Nice photo too!

2. Posted by markyj on August 1, 2009 10:48 PM

Glad it was such a s success. Despite my best efforts, just couldn't get out of dreary old London - thank goodness Eurostar loses its monopoly at the end of this year. Will def look out for reviews in the UK press next week.

3. Posted by Jeanne Livingstone on August 2, 2009 8:00 AM

'twas a goodie indeed.I had to queue for my copy.I've hardly put the book down, and look forward to the next one. Bravo mimipompom and see you Tuesday perhaps for a yeehaw!

4. Posted by Prince Barry on August 2, 2009 6:42 PM

Bravo! I am so pleased that the evening went well. Having had the book for over a week now and read it twice, the people who bought it last night, will not be disapointed. There, you even have a Royal recommendation..tee hee.

5. Posted by Jane on August 3, 2009 6:46 AM

Enjoyed reading your blog. I am glad your launch went well.

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