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July 25, 2009

Quel scandale. I was sitting in the local cafe this morning when Martine arrived looking a little ashen. Anché, the sleepy commune of less than 300 inhabitants, of which she is mayor, is suddenly on the front page of several newspapers and generating lurid headlines.

The reason? Allegations that the little cafe-bar in the village has become a centre of vice, with prostitutes being shipped in from Poitiers on a regular basis. Meanwhile, according to gossip in the village, Jean-Paul, the bar's flamboyant, bouffant-haired proprietor, has been arrested amid allegations of pimping. It's more than a little shocking given that Anché is such a peaceful little backwater. But really, who said that life in rural France was boring?

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1. Posted by markyj on July 26, 2009 10:13 AM

Whores alors!
Prossies from Poitiers - whatever next? It's just like a microcosm of the world really isn't it? I wonder who the clients were?

2. Posted by mimi pompom on July 26, 2009 10:40 AM

Dear MarkyJ
Whores alores indeed! As to the clients, that's exactly what I'm wondering - given that there are only 300 people who live in Anché. There must have been significant 'uptake' to make it worth their while travelling from Poitiers.

Off to Sunday lunch with Martine at The Mad Hatter's Kitchen and will do my best to find out, but as the mayor she might be duty-bound not to reveal anything more than is already in the papers. Oh la la!

But seriously, if all that's going on in Anche, it makes you wonder what might be going on in other much bigger villages. Mimixx

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