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sans eau

May 12, 2009

To think I could have been in Paris for a beauty launch today, enveloped in the luxury of the Ritz courtesy of Chanel. But because of a sudden work surge I had to decline and am now at home sans eau, with a road drill hammering away outside my window.

I was woken up this morning by a man from Siveer, the local waterboard, asking me to move my car. By the time I got back from walking the dog, a crater size hole had been dug in the road and the water had been cut off.

Obviously, I've been watching the progress with interest. Returning from the local cafe mid-morning, I noticed that the hole had grown even bigger (Luis's car is in danger of disappearing into it) and no less than five employees from Siveer had arrived at the scene.

'Ca passe bien?' I asked, the main ouvrier, his head just visible from the hole in the ground.

'Probleme,' was the reply.

Is it too late to change my mind about that Chanel press trip I wonder?

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1. Posted by markyj on May 13, 2009 10:43 AM

Yikes. Heavy drilling and no water versus Chanel and the Ritz...mmm...let me think about that one - NO BRAINER - I'd already be on the TGV!

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