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london with mathilde and delphine

March 14, 2009

Wolfie%20%26%20Biff.JPGTwo weeks ago Biff and I decamped to London, bringing with us Mathilde and her 12 year old son Gabriel. A few days later we are joined by Martine, the mayor of a local village. For Biff (pictured with his friend Wolfie, who also lives a channel-hopping life) it must be very confusing to find himself in a completely different setting surrounded by the same faces. But he seems very happy to find the house full of his compatriots, with all the extra compliments and opportunities for stealing clothes and shoes that this entails.

On Friday evening Martine and I go to the Ladbroke Arms a local pub, for dinner and find ourselves flanked by francaises on both sides. Even in London we could be in France (and by coincidence the fromage du chevre in Martine's goat's cheese tart comes from a town very close to where we live).

Martine and Mathilde have now returned to France but due to unexpected circumstances – involving a roof and water – it looks like Biff and I could be here for some time.

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1. Posted by sophie on March 14, 2009 10:38 PM

Sorry to hear about roof & water troubles -- but if you fancy coffee and commiseration, let me know!

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