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le weekend

December 14, 2007

No I haven’t cycled off into the sunset. The reason why I haven’t posted any blog entries recently is mostly because I have been very busy with work, sitting at my desk from early morning until late at night to polish off some pre-Christmas deadlines. (And frankly, I don’t deserve any sympathy as I spent most of the summer cycling through poppy fields and flitting around France, and only now am making up for lost ground). The Man meanwhile, has been on a work assignment in Italy for the past week and will be away until next weekend.

Gallingly in the past week I’ve missed two newspaper Christmas parties in London (one of them my favourite client) as well as a ‘drinks and shopping’ evening - always a lethal combination - at a friend’s boutique in West London. So cabin fever is setting in - to the extent that taking a trip to Castorama tomorrow morning to look at shower doors suddenly feels like a major cause for excitement.

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1. Posted by Jeannie on December 18, 2007 12:32 PM

Remember, shower doors aren't just for Christmas - while on the other hand, christmas parties, with chic fashion folk, are just that. So I reckon the bathroom shopping will give you hours more fun and lasting pleasure. Plus there's no danger of them boring you about their 'glittering career' over a glass of champagne and canape! xx

2. Posted by Chris on December 20, 2007 7:20 PM

You were well missed at the shopping evening party my love. xxx

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