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green jimmy choos

May 7, 2007

To London over the bank holiday weekend for a wedding. And what a perfect wedding it was. The vows were short, the poems were very moving (I was batting away the tears after one reading) and the ceremony was swiftly followed by Kir Royales, champagne and canapes on the lawn.

It was a very international event with guests from all over the globe and later I was lucky to find myself on a very entertaining table that included an Australian lawyer and his very lovely German wife-to-be, a polo player from the Netherlands and his gorgeous girlfriend, and an utterly charming financial PR from Camden, who listened intently (and laughed in all the right places) while I relayed anecdotes - some would say horror stories - from my days as a magazine fashion editor. Seated to my right was a couple from Versailles, one of whom, like me, had once been a flatmate of the bride. We both agreed that she was the best flatmate ever. The speeches were hilarious [instead of just one best man, the groom had two] and even the wedding cake was made from chocolate and delicious.

My favourite moment however, was when the bride lifted up the hem of her full-length white fitted gown, to reveal ....emerald green heels by Jimmy Choo. Quite fabulous and an irreverent touch entirely in keeping with her personality. The bride and groom are currently in Marrakech, and I hope, having a lovely honeymoon.

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1. Posted by thebride on May 23, 2007 8:36 PM

thanks so much for the compliments... who knew we had such an international crowd for the wedding, and at your table alone?!

honeymoon was fab, Choos fabber (well, almost), and I've already taken them out for a second walkabout... could I be getting hooked?

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