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April 4, 2007

Emma%20Hope%20Shoes.JPGI am in London on one of my lightening 24 hour visits. This means at total of five hours journey by TGV and Eurostar, followed by a mad dash around town trying to fulfill various work engagements and a long ‘to do’ list, culminating in a mad sweep of Marks & Spencer foodhall. But at least I get to wear glamorous shoes.

This morning I head to the John Frieda salon in Mayfair to have honey-coloured highlights put into my hair. This is a procedure that I dare not risk in my French village, where one of my English friends went for a hair cut and came away with a perm.

The salon is packed with beauty editors (including a very glamorous friend that I haven’t seen for a while) and Labour politicians, including Tessa Jowell hair half done, buttering up political journalist Polly Toynbee at the backwash.

My colourist Gary is looking particularly sharp today - and later I find out why. As my hair is being cut, I notice a slight figure slip into the chair opposite, accompanied by a brassy blonde minder. Usually, I am rubbish at spotting slebs but, alerted by her Edie Sedgewick get-up - grey chiffon tunic top with sequins and black leggings - I realise that it is Sienna Miller. She is showing Gary a magazine picture, but unfortunately I cannot see what it is.

As I am leaving I spot him in a side room mixing up Sienna’s colour and casually ask what she is having done. Unfortunately (for me), he is far too discreet to say.

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1. Posted by Chris on May 3, 2007 5:26 PM

What a glamourous like you must live - jetting off to London just for a hair appointment. I love it! Keep writing so I can read and be green with envy.

2. Posted by miu miu on May 3, 2007 8:50 PM

Darling...you should have grappled him to the ground and made him tell....

3. Posted by Laurent on May 4, 2007 3:40 PM

I went to the hairdresser today too (not as glam as John Frieda though..) and the next client in line to have his haircut after me was Julian McDonald...
What is wrong with celebs? Can't they have their haircut at home in their own privacy? Why do they have to come and steal our favourite crimpers?

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