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cycle ride

February 25, 2007

Bicycle.JPGMost of this weekend has been spent working as I have several big deadlines looming and The Man is currently in the UK. Late afternoon, I force myself to go out for a bike ride, as after a weekend of sitting at my computer I can almost feel my bottom inching outwards. As always, I procrastinate - searching for gloves, bottle of mineral water, knitted hat, mobile phone ...

Just as I'm cycling through green fields and congratulating myself on having finally made it out of the house, it starts to hailstone. And it is so windy, that I worry I am going to get blown into a ditch [it wouldn’t be the first time I have ended up in a ditch in recent months.] But suddenly an enormous rainbow appears over the preternaturally green fields. All it takes to make me incandescently happy, I realise is a bike and an hour or two in the French countryside. I return home, light the log fire and later in the evening I watch Brigid Jones’s Diary on TV.

Today I wore: tracksuit bottoms, Ralph Lauren beanie hat, big socks and several layers of long-sleeved t-shirts.

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